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Pictures&Videos for PfC

Here you will find more information than just presented (above), relating to our PfC-Y project, mostly in terms of pictures and videos.  
Slide presented in the context of "AAAI-15 ROBOTICS ACTIVITIES" 
The Twenty-Ninth Conference on Artificial Intelligence 
January 25–30, 2015, Austin, Texas USA : 
A 4 min. clip made in 2013 shows an overview of our developments for cooperating robots :  
"HEIG-VD Group of Cooperating Robots for Assistance at Home (RG-Y, RH-Y, OP-Y, …), with cognitic capabilities ensured by our Piaget environment (2007-2013); includes sequences taken while participating in world-level competitions". 
Click to play the video (v013.05.24) on YouTube 
download the clip (mpg, 137 Mb, v013.05.24). 
Real-time control of Yumi robot motion can be achieved via external, TCP-IP based, supervisory resources; here, via our chat program, with ABB robot simulation system, for test purpose (14 June 2016); download the video (wmv, 5.3 Mb, v016.06.14). 
The collaborative Yumi robot watches the scene with its camera in left hand, visually estimates cube location, picks it, and drops it again, letting the cube randomly bounce around (3 October 2016); download the video (mp4, 2 Mb, v016.10.03). 
RH-Y, OP-Y, and Nono-Y as a cooperating robot group 
RH-Y (Robot for Home - domestic help) and OP-Y (Omnidirectional Platform) are robots we have designed at Yverdon-les-Bains, and include our proprietary Piaget environment and mostly COST components. Nono-Y is a NAO-typed humanoid also integrated in our Piaget environment. 
Example 1, including side motions and greetings (Click on the image located on the right to download the, 5.3 Mb file; or below to start it in our YouTube channel). 
Example 2, following a guide (Click on the image to download the, 2.4 Mb file) 
Example 3. Clip videos of several past applications developed and programmed in Piaget. 
Example 4. A robot group including a humanoid as a mediator between human and machines (Open Challenge, Robocup @ Home, Singapore 2010). 
Example of basic capabilities of NAO (from Aldebaran Robotics Inc.): 
Standing-up, speaking, dancing, and sitting down in HEIG-VD LaRA lab (, 8,8 Mb). 
Piaget for industrial robotics 
Our Piaget environment allows the integrated development and control of complex industrial systems. 
Example 1 : The system includes, beside a Staubli arm, other resources not visible on the picture such as a PLC controller, rotating table, and color camera. (Click on the image to download the, 26 Mb file) 
Example 2 : Possible integration of robust visual perception. (Click on the image to download the, 16 Mb file) 
In addition to the information you have found here, mostly in terms of pictures and videos, you can refer to the presentation section to know more about our PfC-Y project.  
(page in progress - You may probably also find other interesting pictures and videos in our domestic application context: click here to go.)


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